Samsung might be about to call their next flagship Galaxy S20 instead of Galaxy S11.

Samsung Galaxy S11 might be about to callt their next flagship Galaxy S20 instead of Galaxy S11.

On one hand:
+ A high number is seen as better
+ S20 lines up with the year 2020
+ It'd be ahead of the iPhone in numbering

-Now the number itself becomes less meaningful

Thoughts? 🤔

There are also features we can intuit might come to the Galaxy S11, from perks we expected but didn't see in the Samsung Galaxy S10 to aspects of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Samsung Galaxy A80 and Galaxy Fold that would work well in a new Galaxy S flagship.

Inspired by all these phones, we've also drawn up a list of the things we'd like to see in the Samsung Galaxy S11, or whatever the next Galaxy S phone ends up being (it could be the Galaxy S20, given that phone companies seem to jump straight from 10 to 20 when numbering phones).

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