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Hey everyone it's 2020 and we've found some of the best Defense gadgets you should get, starting with:

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 You can find a wide variety of iPhone cases on the market but this one is unique of course it will add some waste to your smart phone but it also has some important features first of all it protects your phone perfectly second it acts like a battery giving the phone about 20 hours of extra work and finally it turns your precious device into an excellent means of self-defense, thanks to the built-in stun gun according to the developers if you are attacked by a criminal, you should strike them with yellowjacket in the area of the torso chest neck or face an attack for one or two seconds or cause a sharp foot manageable pain in the opponent's body.

 if you use the stun gun for five seconds the attacker may even lose consciousness for some time currently the company's website offers different colored covers that at reduced price between seventy nine and ninety nine dollars however the gadget is not yet compatible with the new iPhones.
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 The US company axon is actively promoting its innovative taste a stun gun this type of weapon has long been used by the u.s. police but there are also civilian models on the market here, for example is the latest model known as the taser pulse plus the main difference with the previous versions is the synchronization with your mobile device which immediately sends an emergency signal to 9-1-1 with your geolocation when you pull the trigger but this of course is not the only function of the device.
 it weighs just over 200 grams and fits easily in a bag or even a pocket if fired from a distance of no more than four and a half meters the shot completely immobilizes the enemy for 30 seconds and to make it easier for the user to aim at the stun gun has special laser the device is powered by the cr123 lithium batteries in general lists devices latest model could be purchased for $350 will be a great guarantee fee or safety however keep in mind that not every country allows civilians to carry these devices.


Purpose spray no longer surprises anyone these days but the American company guard dogs security invented something new this device is the fastest of its kind and was invented especially for runners and people who lead an active lifestyle the can is less than nine centimeters so it fits easily in the hand with the help of a special glove to activate the device simply press the lid with your thumb which is already in the required position thanks to the glove inside there's an 18% high quality pepper spray the spray range can vary from three to four and a half meters the cans are available in black blue pink and red at a very affordable price which is within 20 to 25 us dollars. Buy now


  The blade of this convenient self-defense device reaches a length of only three centimeters but that doesn't make it any less incredible the high carbon chrome plates stainless steel of which this push dagger is made allows it to perform many functions flawlessly thanks to the unique t-shaped handle it's easy to hold the weapon in your fist using the blade between your fingers for self-defense the construction and material of the hand will prevent the blade from slipping in rain or because of sweat the miniature size of the knife and its small weight of 27 grams allow you to carry it as a keyring or a neckbaccessory you can buy this means of self-defense for $15.


 if left in an unsafe place a loaded gun can ruin many lives statistically in the United States more than a hundred children suffer when they come into contact with firearms each year to prevent such tragedies Israeli companies or invented a special smart gun lock their device is linked to a special smartphone application to unlock the weapon you must enter the access code in addition the application constantly logs the location of the gun and notifies you in case someone tries to activate it naturally, a question arises how to proceed if you don't have the time or the chance to enter the code into your phone in an emergency situation for this the developers offer the possibility to enter the pin code in the lock itself according to them the process doesn't take more than a couple of seconds and with the help of the application you can trained to do it as fast as possible even in the dark on the official website of the manufacturer you can find this product for a price of $1,000.

  Here's another stun gun that's easy to use thanks to its knuckle shape that allows you to hold it easily in your hand the impact power is more than 950 kilowatts and the device is powered by two lithium  ion batteries which will serve the owner for up to two years to activate the device simply use the side switch until the red light comes on and to activate the protection is necessary to press a small black button you can buy this stun gun for $45 the set includes two batteries a box and the device available in black and pinks.


 In today's world women are more likely to find themselves in situations where self-defense skills or devices are needed here's one of the most effective devices designed in the form of a pair of brass knuckles with artificial claws it weighs less than a hundred grams and it fits easily in your pocket or purse however manufacturers strongly recommend its use while running or walking carrying it in your hand this will not only provide quick access to the device in the event of an emergency but will also assist the body in motor activity experts have long noticed that squeezing an object in your hand while running reduces the load on your arms and shoulders by the way the special grooves in the claws are designed to preserve the criminals DNA cells to establish their identity in the future thus the owner of the device does not even need to see the aggressors face this self-defense device costs only $35

  The developers of this gadget claim that it's the world's first intelligent self defense system first it syncs with your smart phone secondly it has a built-in purpose break and thirdly when spraying the substance the device takes a picture of the aggressor and sends it to the security services next to the current location of the person in trouble and finally small but powerful speakers integrated into the bottom of the device trigger a siren which will attract the attention of others by using the defender you'll be able to get help from the police at any time of the day you can also receive medical help in case of emergency thanks to a special button, the gadgets available for sale, it can be ordered from the official website.
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