Coolest FUTURISTIC CARS that are coming Soonest (2020-2025)

 This astounding conceptual unmanned electric vehicle was unveiled at the 2017 International Motor Show in Frankfurt, first of all it has no control system whatsoever there's no steering wheel or pedals, that's because the Audi icon can boast of having the highest fifth level of driving automation.

  Another interesting feature is the unique lithium battery that provides a range of up to 800 kilometers, when this concept car was introduced it was almost record-breaking according to the designers in the future all vehicles will be passive a common transportation infrastructure which can make the traffic flow smoother because the vehicles don't accelerate and break all the time this means that you'll move from place to place faster even at a speed of a 130km/h.

 The chance of an accident is minimal, that's why there's no seat belt at all for more convenience the passenger seats were equipped with swivel mechanisms if desired front row passengers can turn around to face the rear row passengers there are two luggage compartments two in the front and in the back they have a total capacity of 600 liters speaking of high tech features as a personal assistance that recognizes the owner and the passengers, it remembers the settings of the seats the climate and the entertainment systems and adjust them all independently the advanced touchscreen displays allow you to control the main whities with your eyes as well.

A few years ago experts of the Japanese company Lexus faced a challenge they needed to show the world's the brand's view on what the electric cars of the future will be like we must say that the engineers did a great job producing an amazing concept car.

 Everything in this car from the outlines to the interior implements the most daring ideas and turns dreams into reality there is no engine in the usual sense of the word instead each wheel has its own electric motor the absence of an engine under the hood allow designers to experiment with the fronts of the car and it's the grille the diamond-shaped headlights and aerodynamic air intakes catch your eye at the moment you see the vehicle.

 The transparency at the side windows is also adjustable all controls are located at one point on the steering controller the projection display is also located here there is a gesture recognition system - also available is an augmented reality system that shows information about the vehicle status and probably the most Important feature of the lexus LR 30 is the autonomous driving mode because it will be essential in the future moreover the color of the front parts that come as well as the luminescent parts of the design indicate whether a person or the auto pilot is driving.

Believe me this car isn't a RC car
  Last year the French company Citroen celebrated its 100th anniversary the 1919 concept electric car was produced to mark this occasion the desires state that it recreates a lounge experience on wheels every detail of it is aimed at increasing the comfort and the safety of the passengers the smart suspension system ensures that you don't feel any vibrations even when driving in rough terrain the system also eliminates tilting and swaying.

 The autonomous driving technology allows you to relax and not think about traffic rules a personal assistant will talk to the passengers and entertain them it also monitors traffic jams independently and indicates the best moment to depart the drivers seat has a loss of settings and they speaker at the headrest the passenger seat is made in the form of a chaise longue chair and has a retractable leg support the rear seats are basically a fully sized soft and comfortable sofa it's noteworthy that each passenger has its own sound zone this means that everyone can listen to or watch their own content without disturbing others the drive range is 800 kilometers and the maximum speed is 200km/hr.

 This vehicle was created to show you how digital technology can make your driving experience more vivid and emotional according to the philosophy of this concept car the drivers comfort is the most important thing so the vehicle meets all of their needs and desires the boost pod module supports the user during the journey and provides the necessary information about the road and the surroundings in a matter of seconds this means that the driver only has to focus on driving interestingly the exterior design is not the result of team work there was a competition between BMW designers the best design was finally adopted it took 18 months to turn the vision M next to a man idea into a real prototype.

 It's time to find out what beach cars will look like in the near future the ID buggy from Volkswagen is a great example this car is based on the meb platform this means that the car has a modular design if necessary the body can be separated from the wheelbase according to the developers this feature will provide drivers with more opportunities instead of buying a bunch of cars you can just change the body the power unit is a 204 horsepower electric motor mounted on the rear axle if you want to get a car with all-wheel drive the design can be complemented with an additional front motor the range of the ID buggy is not very impressive only 250 kilometers the top speed is 160 km/h to spite the front of the model is just a concept a limited edition will be produced.

 The next model we're going to talk about shows what sports cars will all be like in the future the Jesco from kerning seg made its debut last year at the Geneva Motor Show.
  This is an amazing car with an upgraded 5 litre twin-turbocharged v8 engine when you ride on gasoline it delivers twelve hundred and eighty horsepower if you replace it with EAC five biofuel the capacity increases to a mind-blowing 1,600 horsepower there is no information on the top speed but experts assume that the engineers have set an extremely ambitious goal for themselves no less than four hundred and eighty kilometers per hour other features include improved aerodynamics a four-wheel steering and a revolutionary 9 speed multi clutch transmission the amazing thing about its design is that the gears don't have to be shifted in order as you can just skip over them.

 The last car on our list this is another concept vehicle, this time by missile the specialists of the Japanese brand also wanted to show us their plans for the future and it's obviously electric self-driving vehicles with zero emissions the main feature of IDS is its ability to imitate the driving style of its owner the car speeds up brakes and makes turns just like its owner so they won't feel any difference from their own driving style and will be as comfortable as possible.

In the manual mode you don't have to worry about safety the smart system continues to control the ride and can help the driver in case of emergency because AI becomes a companion is able to tell you about both the road conditions and your plans special attention should be paid to the cabin and the piloted driving mode when activated there's more free space as the steering wheel is hidden the seats can also be turned inwards to talk for the other passengers without being distracted by the road.

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