These 8 inventions will make our lives alot easier

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 it's no secret that evacuating people from a multi-story building is a complex procedure in case of emergency those on the top floor are the most vulnerable often the time available to leave the building is very limited an elderly man from China named Zhang Miao Rong realized that it was even worse for old people who can't move that quickly so he came up with a simple of an incredibly effective way to evacuate people his idea is equipping the stairs of multi-story buildings with metal slides thanks to them people no longer after overcome the stairs to evacuate they can simply sit and slide down in seconds tests have shown that thanks to magical stairs sliding down from the 26th floor to the ground floor takes no more than 90 seconds as you can guess usually going down the stairs takes much longer especially for an elderly person.

 it's noteworthy that when there's no danger the escape slide doesn't interfere with the movement it folds down against the wall and takes up almost no space show me o Rong has already obtained national and international patents for his invention the USA Japan Brazil Russia and Singapore have already shown interest in this product.


the modern materials use for the construction of private homes are very different from those used 10 or 20 years ago before a fire would start slowly but today it spreads almost instantly only 14 years ago the average person had almost 20 minutes to evacuate today that time has been reduced to a mere three minutes and that is well we need two new ways to evacuate rescue ready is an American company founded by a couple of firemen they know more than anyone about the danger of fire traditional home escape ladders are not very effective during a fire when it's dark and hot around and there's almost no air escape ladders are not easy to find and assemble but with a rescue ready fire escape ladder there will be no problems or delays as it's mounted directly into the window frame it's no worthy that the ladder is attached to these supporting elements of the structure so you don't have to worry about your safety in case of fire you just have to go to the window and open the ladder it takes no more than 10 seconds when the ladder is not needed it's hidden from the eyes and doesn't stand out.


Even though this invention can't save you in an emergency it still deserves our attention because they can make your life a little better ecolift is an underground waste container system developed by the russian company panda lift the construction consists of two elements first the waste bins located on the surface and second large containers hidden underground ecolift has many advantages first of all the garbage is hidden underground and it doesn't spoil the appearance of the surrounding area it also improves the hygiene of the place waste is safely sealed underground so it doesn't attract rats stray animals or birds the ecolift system allows you to get rid of unpleasant smells as well as annoying flies and other insects and also the area looks tidy as the wind doesn't blow waste down the street collecting the garbage is very easy because the lift brings the cans up at the touch of a button.


Online shopping has long been an integral part of many people's lives but unfortunately it's not always possible to personally meet the delivery person on the doorstep and parcels left at the door unattended often don't reach their rightful owner but with parcel girl from the Canadian company Danby you won't have to worry about your deliveries anymore it is a smart box placed near the front door for house how does the system work it's very simple the courier places.

 the parcel inside closes the door and leaves parcel guard is connected to a mobile application so you immediately receive a notification on your phone you can collect the box at any convenient time inside the box the hassle is completely safe the doors of parcel guard are securely locked the device is made of durable material it's extremely difficult to force it open and of course if someone tries to open it you get a notification on your phone again for better security parcel guard is equipped with a camera and an alarm system if necessary you can even open the door and motely which extends the functionality of the box.


we all know how unpleasant it can be to unload a car or move heavy loads fortunately the times weren't you had to do this job by yourself a lot gone today you can use a special lift like this one the PHT 140 was developed by the American company mechanics this simple to use device is able to endow every person with incredible power the mechanisms got a stand a load of up to 140 kilograms and help you move them in every way lift it lower it or move it from place to place effortlessly.


 If you're not a big fan of cooking especially in the morning then this gadget is bound to appeal to your text the breakfast station looks like a pot coffee machine only here instead of coffee pots who use breakfast pots among them there is oatmeal pancakes omelets muffins and several other options all you have to do is pick a dish and put the pot in the machine you'll have a nice healthy breakfast in three to five minutes.


Here's another device designed to make our life easier and more enjoyable Effie is a revolutionary invention that puts traditional irons out of work it looks like a small capsule inside you put your wrinkled clothes right on a hangers all you have to do next is press the button and Effie starts working in three minutes you get your garment back perfectly pressed it's noteworthy that you don't have to stand by and ways either the device can hold up to 12 hangers the clothes line up for ironing also Effie connect as a dryer it works for shirts t-shirts pants skirts tops and even weddings.


There are some tasks that seem easy but turned out being much more complex that you think bush trimming is one of them giving the plant a perfectly smooth tidy appearance is not easy and even more so gardening takes a lot of time especially if there are many shrubs and you don't want them all to look the same wrap 10 is an invention by the Italian company Orlando which solves this problem it is a field trimmer that can process up to 400 plants per hour the operator almost doesn't have to do any work all over the user works in a comfortable standing position the frame of the device as well as the position of the circular blade is adjustable it works with bushes between 40 and 120 centimetres wide and up to 40 centimeters tall.

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