Choose and change the color of your PlayStation 5 with these custom plates

 The first custom PS5 plates to alter the PlayStation 5 color scheme have surfaced. PlayStation 5 will launch next month in one colorway with stark white panels or wings surrounding the black innards. These panels can pop-off to reveal the inner workings of the console — allowing owners to access the PS5 expandable storage — but also to customize the look of the new Sony flagship gaming console. Head below for a closer look. 

Custom PS5 plates:

While we are expecting an influx of third-party custom PS5 plates (unless Sony shuts the whole thing down legally somehow), the first out of the gate is the aptly named PlateStation. The brand, which is not associated with Sony or PlayStation in any way, is offering a series of multi-colored plates gamers can use to customize or alter the look of the PlayStation 5. These custom PS5 plates add a pop of color to the otherwise mostly white and black color scheme here with four different options: chromatic silver, cherry red, matte black, indigo blue, or jungle camo. 

Before Sony unveiled the day-one entertainment apps and more details about the PS5 Media remote yesterday, it released its very own teardown video for the upcoming console. There, we got a closer look at how the base stand works but also how the outer white panels or wings can easily slide off to access the inside of the machine. We, like many gamers, immediately starting imagining all of the interesting outer panels these stock white wings could be replaced with. Enter PlateStation’s new custom PS5 plates, and the game begins. 

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